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About Us

Propellerhead have been supporting manufacturers for over 10 years, offering over twenty five years' experience in providing responsive hardware support for advanced electronics equipment and components. We can save customers like yourselves time and resources through dedicated support and product returns management.

  • Why Propellerhead?
    • We offer services and products entirely bespoke to your business and its requirements. Unlike other solution providers who have their origins in development, we have grown from the service industry so our solutions are already proven.
  • Software
    • In addition to services we also offer software products for most areas including sales, purchasing, despatch and stock as well as full eCommerce systems from website through payment to despatch and fulfilment. These systems support full product tracking throughout which alone can help reduce RMA.
  • 100% Redundancy
    • All systems come with the option to be hosted by ourselves where our infrastructure gives 100% redundancy including power, data and hardware.


Our Policies

The policies we adhere to can be viewed or downloaded here.