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Business Products

Our expertise in consultancy, vision and solutions have provided us with in depth knowledge of a number of industries and business processes. With this knowledge we have developed our own powerful suite of core products including sales ordering, tracking and customer service applications.

  • eCommerce
    • If you are new to eCommerce we have a number of modules to help get you up and running. With the entry level module you can add your own products, select a colour scheme in harmony with your branding and maintain your products, payments and customers through our easy to use management system. Our eCommerce experts are also on hand to advise with external processing systems and other tips and techniques to ensure your first project is setup smoothly.
    • If you are looking to develop and expand your existing systems, we can offer you a tailored solution to reduce administration through automation and develop features designed to help increase and retain your customer base.
    • Our eCommerce software integrates rich content, site management and design with critical back-office processes such as stock control, supply chain and customer relationship management; revolutionising the way you sell online.
    • If you are looking for a bespoke solution or design for your eCommerce site with our associates we are able to create an innovative and appealing site or if you prefer we can work with your existing branding and design agency to provide you with a tailored solution.

  • Direct Sales System
    • The Propellerhead DSS application works in harmony with our eCommerce solution to provide a comprehensive system managing stock control, sales orders, despatch and tracking of your products.
    • DSS provides the method to track and audit the movement of every single product within your company, removing incorrect shipping and items being misplaced. The power of tracking unique products and their serial numbers is realised when using the RMA module which help to automate the Returns Materials Authorisation process.

  • LiveHelp
    • PropellerChat is invaluable to both sales and service within a modern business. The Internet is fast becoming the method of choice for customers to communicate. PropellerChat leverages the Internet to provide a method to interact live with your customers through instant messaging via your website.
    • Not only is LiveHelp a proven marketing strategy to help increase sales and interaction with your customers it is extremely efficient, allowing a single representative to communicate simultaneously with many customers.

  • RMA module
    • Propellerhead RMA is the tool to help automate every aspect of the RMA procedure reducing costs, speeding up the process and providing the customer with live notifications and updates. The RMA module integrates with both DSS and our own eCommerce systems providing a seamless process.
    • In many organisations service is looked upon simply as a cost centre. At Propellerhead we take a different approach and value all customers with a simple, automated and effective method to return faulty products highlights your customer service commitment and builds loyalty.