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Outsourced Support and RMA Services

Propellerhead have been a market leader in outsourced technical support, RMA and customer service for over 12 years for a number of global companies. We have a proven track record for providing an unrivalled service. Our solutions have always severely reduced overheads whilst increasing service levels and customer satisfaction which in turn provides you with loyal customers.

  • Returns and Testing Service
    • Propellerhead can provide a full tailored RMA handling and testing service including a dedicated website for your partners to apply for RMA, which is designed in your own corporate branding.
    • Your partners can track the progress of their RMA and are able to view the test results of each RMA product tested and any images taken of rejected/damaged items.
    • We have full serial tracking throughout the process ensuring that no items can be misplaced.
    • We can create testing procedures specific to any product type and handle the returns back to your supplier / manufacturer.

  • Consumer Telephone, Message and Web Ticket Support
    • We can provide a comprehensive consumer support system, including a consumer support website in your own corporate branding, a Live Help System (Instant Messaging) and a phone support service.

  • Creation and Maintenance of Integrated Technical Support and Customer Service Websites
    • Our technical support systems can collate consumer registration data that has been collected and build up a direct consumer marketing database.
    • We can maintain these websites and develop consumer guides to promote self help, maintain drivers, firmware, BIOS updates and other support files specific to each of your products, which have been approved by our technical team.
    • We can add new and maintain detailed product information and publish technical notices and product specific notices.

  • Technical Authoring for Manuals and Support Web Sites
    • Our experienced team of technicians can help to design and author manuals for any of your products and to develop consumer help guides that can help to promote self help for any issues.

  • Managing Reporting and Statistics
    • We can develop a bespoke Management Information System tailored to your business providing reports to help you make those crucial business decisions, quickly and accurately. This can include a dashboard view and detailed reports on:
      • Consumer Support
      • Consumer registrations
      • Service and Ticket Rating
      • RMA Service Levels
      • RMA throughput

Information on how we can streamline your business process is also available here in Adobe PDF format.